Draft Survey Report

This method is mainly used to determine the weight of solid pellet loads, especially Cement, Clinker, Coal, Grains, Phosphates, Soda, Potash, etc.
To make the control of Weight by difference of Drafts, the calculation of Initial Drafts is made, before loading or unloading of the Goods and at the end of the Loading or Unloading Operations.

Occasionally, a calculation of drafts is carried out before the final trimming of the vessel, in order that the total load is as exact as possible. 

Prior to the load of the goods, an exhaustive inspection of the cargo hold is always carried out, so that the loaded good can not be contaminated by remains of previous cargoes transported in the holds.

After the Drafts controls it is issued:
Cargo Hold Inspection Certificate
Weight Certificate as per Draft Survey
Original of the Calculation of the Drafts made on board with the Chief  Officer.

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