Our Company   F.Martín-Mora, S.L.

F. Martín-Mora, S.L., is a company founded in 1970 by the Sea Master Federico Martín-Mora Jimenez, Marine & Cargo Surveyor and Founding Partner of the "Associació Catalana de Perits Judicials i Forenses".

In 1995 David Teruel Massot  joined the company. 

Marine & Cargo Surveyor granted by the "Colegio de Oficiales de la Marina Mercante" (1996) and by the Department of Economy and Finances of the Generalitat de Catalunya (2003).

In 2010 Freddy Martín-Mora Massot also joined the Company as Marine & Cargo Surveyor and Director, replacing the Founder of F. Martín-Mora, S.L.

For more than 45 years, in F. Martín-Mora, S.L., We solve and avoid problems for our customers.

Dedicated to advise and perform all the tasks of a Surveyor, we offer our customers, extensive experience and dedication.

Due to the nature of our work, our availability is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Applying the latest technologies, the information requested by our customers is immediately facilitated, so that they can be able to make the right decisions at any time.

Our objective is to issue our reports in the most objective, concise, structured and clear way.

The reports can be supplied in all types of support, and are always accompanied by extensive graphic material, which always facilitates the task of the people who must use such reports.

Reports can be issued in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Our potential customers are:

  • Insurance companies.
  • Survey Companies.
  • Sea Agents.
  • Consignees.
  • Shipping Companies.

Our areas of action are as follows:

Muelle Álvarez de la Campa                                                                 Office Tel: + 34 93 223 90 46
Edificio TIR                                                                          Cellular: +34 610 218 378
Planta 1 Despacho C-108                                                                            Contact: David Teruel Massot
08039 Puerto de Barcelona,Barcelona, Spain     E-mail : fmartin-mora@martinmora.e.telefonica.net